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Quality and Design: With over 45 years in the market, this is a Patent Registered product. Hight quality, BPA free, ABS plastic 100% safe to come in contact with food and a 40 Oz. capacity bowl with a non-slip silicon base. Out triple surgical stainless steel blades have been designed to provide you with the ultimate chopping experience and performance time after time.  

Functionality: It is just like having three knives chopping at the same time. It will take only 8-10 clockwise spins on the knob to make fresh "Pico de Gallo". You can chop 1 onion in less than 10 seconds, or chop 4 ingredients at a time to make fresh "Mexican style Salsa". You can even chop cooked shrimp to make Shrimp Cocktail (Ceviche or Aguachile). Please refer to the YOUTUBE channel for instructions and quick and fresh homemade recipes @mychopchopgadgets!

Simplicity and Convenience: This amazing kitchen gadgets is super easy to use. It has a simple design which makes it really user friendly. Moreover, it is really easy to clean up! Just rinse with soapy water after every use and air dry. Ideal to take to a park or the beach for picnics or It can be a great add on to your camping cooking equipment.

Safety and Precautions: Always keep out of the reach of small children, the blades are very sharp and they are definitely not a toy. My Salsa Maker comes with a helpful blade cover for your safety and convenience. 

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