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Multipurpose Peeler

Multipurpose Peeler

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Quality and Design: Made in Taiwan with superior surgical stainless steel blades. This multi purpose peeler comes with double sided serrated blade for ultimate performance. The blades will not rust even after many years of use. Ergonomic design allows for easy use whether you are peeling potatoes or a pineapple, that is right, check out the peeler video on YOUTUBE @mychopchopgdgets!   

Functionality: This peeler can be user for over 4 year and It will stay sharp. It was design to be used with both hands, so It doesn't matter if you are right or left handed, it will work. It can be used back and forth, so peeling carrots or cucumbers is super fast. This is the kind of peeler that will even shave cabbage, just cut in half from top, place on round edge and slide the peeler blade on the sharp egde all around. Plus, it comes with a potato eye remover on one side and a citrus peeler on the other side. 

Simplicity and Convenience: Just rinse with soapy water after every use to keep it looking great. You can use a brush to wash with extra detail if needed. 

Safety and Precautions: Always keep out of the reach of small children, the blades are very sharp and they are definitely not a toy. 

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